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Do you suffer from sleep disturbance or insomnia?

Do you suffer from sleep disturbance or insomnia?

Do you know someone who does? With our busy lives it’s sometimes hard to “switch off”.
Massage can help relax the central nervous system allowing the whole body and mind to let go.

Here's a few quick tips to help you get to sleep until you can get into see us at  Balance:

• Try a herbal tea such as Chamomile or a Sleepytime blend or a good ole’
fashioned glass of warm milk can do the trick.
• Deep slow breathes while you focus on one thing such as a number, helps to
slow the busy mind and relax the nervous system.
• Relaxing music, something instrumental: Baroque music is a good choice.
• Bed socks. Yes, keeping the toes warm will help you fall asleep.
• Contract and Relax each muscle group while you lie in bed, start at your toes.
• Write down any concerns before you go to bed, therefore releasing them from
your mind.

  • Rub some True Lavender essential oil on the bottoms of your feet or a Dream Time blend available at the clinic

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