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Our Top Ten Tips for Healthy Muscles

1. Regular Massage
Yes of course this is Number One! Massage is so fantastic as it increases the blood circulation which brings oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and at the same time it flushes away metabolic waste that the muscles produce when they are used, therefore keeping them healthy...double awesome! Massage can break down small adhesions that can create issues to the integrity of the muscle and surrounding tissues. Aim for a massage every 1-4 weeks for maximum benefit. 

2. Hydration
Soooo important for the body as a whole. If your dehydrated you're blood can become viscous or sticky and not flow very well which is not great for your muscles. Aim for 2 litres a day.

3. Stretching
Regular stretching keeps your muscles flexible, ask any yogi. A lovely way to start your day is to do several Sun Salutaions...a great way to warm up your muscles gently and get your breathing going too. Check it out here

4. Nutrition 
We all know we need protein for our muscles to grow and repair, so are you having protein for breakfast? This is super important. Check out our nutritionist Mikki Williden's best protein packed breakfasts here

5. Rest and de-stress
Also uber important for muscle repair and recovery. It's been reported that a third of New Zealanders are not getting enough sleep, so how are they're muscles feeling?! During Stage 3 & 4 of sleep is when your muscles relax, blood flow increases and tissue growth and repair occurs and energy is restored. Want some tips on how to sleep better? Check out our article here

7. Resistance training
Super important for muscle health and and bone and joint health. Putting stress on the muscles in turn puts stress on your bones which keeps your bones strong. Strong muscles around joints protects your joints from injury as they are more stable. And of course being strong helps with your posture. Aim for 2-3 resistnace training sessions of 30min each a week. It doesn't have to be heavy weights, even body weight resistance is good. Have you tried theSeven Minute Workout yet?

8. Posture 
Correct posture can alleviate sooo many aches and pains. When seated and your head goes forward of your shoulders (like when your at a computer), the weight of your head gets exponentially heavy putting a lot of strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. So when at your computer imagine a helium balloon attached to the crown of your head pulling it upwards and everything else will follow in correct alignment. Ahhhhhh that's better!

9. Supplements 
Magnesium is a really great supplement to take if you are experiencing cramps or aches and pains. It activates muscles and nerves, creates energy in your body by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP), Helps digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats & serves as a building block for RNA and DNA synthesis, ii's also a precursor for neurotransmitters like serotonin. Others to consider are Fish Oils for your essential fatty acids which can help to reduce inflammation and Vitamin C.

10. Heat or Ice
Reducing acute inflammation is crucial for muscle health. By applying either heat or ice you are helping to reduce inflammation. Heat can be very soothing to the muscles as it brings in blood flow to help the healing process, especially good after your massage. For more systemic inflammation look at your diet.

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