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How can reflexology help me?

How can reflexology help me?

Reflexology is a method of massaging reflex areas of your feet which correspond to each gland,
organ and area of your body. Correct stimulation of reflex areas relieves stress and tension and
helps reduce the activity of over active organs and stimulate under active organs.
This therapeutic relaxation serves to normalise and balance your body’s functioning – reducing stress
allows you to rest, recover and heal.

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More than just relaxation therapy, reflexology can also be beneficial to your whole well-being.
There are about 45 different controlled studies that show reflexology’s broad range of benefits.

These include:
• Stress reduction and profound relaxation on all levels
• Improved circulation
• Aches and pains eased as it helps release the body’s natural painkillers
• Immune system strengthened through improved gland and organ function

Reflexology and massage go hand in hand when using each modality to its best application.
Whilst both massage therapy and reflexology calm the nervous system and deeply relax the
body, reflexology focuses more on improving systemic function whereas massage is more
focused on structure and relieving muscle tension.


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