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Case Studies

Case Studies


Donna (41) had been having tension headaches almost daily for a number of years as well as regular migraines on a monthly basis.
We determined that her high stress levels combined with sitting at a desk all day as well as her regular gym activities caused her upper shoulders and neck muscles to become very tense and achy. Palpation of these muscles also found trigger points that were firing into her head recreating her headaches.
After just 3 weekly sessions where I released the tension and trigger points in these muscles she noticed a marked reduction in the number and intensity of her headaches. Whilst she found some of the treatment uncomfortable, she has now realised that she no longer needs to take daily painkillers and only has the occasional headache when she becomes dehydrated. She also noticed that her migraine headaches are much less debilitating.
Donna now comes regularly for maintenance massages so the musculature is unable to contract to its former levels and thereby enabling her to live her life headache free!

Gordon (81) had been having 2-3 headaches a week for as long as he can remember. Whilst he came to see me about a hamstring injury we were able to work on both issues during a 1 hour session.
Gordon’s active lifestyle and postural changes causing his shoulders to be rounded and his head kept in a forward position, were creating constant strain on the musculature of his upper back and neck.
After 4 sessions treating the fatigued lengthened muscles and reducing the tightness in the overworked ones, his headaches have reduced dramatically. Gordon is very happy that he no longer requires medication for his headaches and comes fortnightly to maintain healthy muscles and to continue working on the postural changes so that he can continue to be pain free as he gets older.


Case Studies from Lisa Buchan

Leg Discomfort

Deanna (40) had been having intermittent deep aching in her right anterior lower leg for a few weeks after and during running. She has been having regular massages for general body long term so we were able to get onto this immediately. I tried deep soft tissue massage combined with stretching and myofascial release of the front and back lower leg. This resulted in a only a slight improvement so at the next appointment I did a combination of massage and dry needling (acupuncture needles) in the right Tibialis Anterior. This had a dramatic improvement and with a follow up treatment in 2 weeks of the same she has not had a recurrence of the muscle ache for 2 months since. With regular massage it will be easy for me to monitor and treat if it does flare up, but hopefully with changing the stretches for her calves it won't.

Hip Pain

Frances (58) had been having pain and a deep ache in her right hip for some time, which was worse at night when turning over in bed. Palpation of her lower back and hips found tightness in her right glutes and right lower back with some in the left side. After 3 sessions  fortnightly which included massage to her full back (focussing on right lumbar), glutes (mainly right) and right TFL along with some dry needling into her Iliofemoral joint (hip joint) and stretches, she no longer experiences the discomfort in her right hip which is maintained by monthly massages.

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