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5 Best Anti-inflammatory Recipes

by Jane McClurg 2 February 2018

When we have muscular pain we often want to rub it better and for the most part this can work really really well (of course!) but what happens when that pain, stiffness or injury doesn't go away completely?
Well nothing in the body works in isolation so sometimes we have to shift focus and look at what else we are putting into our body...food and drink! 

In our Western diet we are loading up our body's with inflammatory foods which in turn can affect the healing of an injury...literally slowing it down. 

So I've compiled 5 awesome (and tasty) anti-inflammatory recipes that you should be downing anyway but especially if you have un-resolved muscular and joint pain!

Just click on the picture to get the recipe!


Turmeric tea

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so add it to as many things as possible in your diet....with some black pepper to aid absorption! This yummy tea from Primal Plate is a great way to start the day.


Rainbow Salad Bowls

Lots of coloured veges in your diet equals lots of antioxidants which help to clean up the free radicals and inflammation...check out these tasty rainbow bowls from Buffy at Be Good Organics


Bone Broth

The absolute best way to support your joints and muscles...from the collagen and minerals from bones! Easy to make in a slow cooker and freeze in portions...here is a recipe from Joseph Mercola



 Lemon and Herb Salmon

 Get your Omega-3's with wild caught salmon from Damn Delicous


Lemon & ginger gummies

Get your Lemon, Ginger & Green Tea fix all in one along with some healthy gelatin (great for joint health!). Green tea is high in antioxidants, Ginger is an Uber-Anti-inflammatory and Lemon for immune boosting! You can't go wrong with these cute gummies from Meatified




Enjoy!!! And let us know what you've tried or if you have any other favourites!


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