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Acupuncture: what you knead to know

By Jo Brittenden from Acu Kneads Acupuncture 8th May 2018

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that was discovered by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago.   They used the science of observation to develop the theory and treatment protocols – if we do this, then this results.   In China it is practised in hospitals alongside western medicine.

 Its aim is to have the body in balance and therefore there will be no dis – ease. The theory of Yin and Yang.  By removing all obstructions the qi will flow and good health will be the result. The body is divided into 12 channels and each channel is treated in relation to what the client is presenting with.

 The medicine of Acupuncture uses needles, moxibustion, cupping, guasha or tuina to carry out treatments. Each needle is in a sterile pack, is used once then disposed. They are very fine and generally pain free when inserted.  


Acupuncture has proven to be particularly helpful in the following:


Stress and anxiety – symptoms could include, not sleeping well, skin problems, emotional ups and downs, digestive issues, fertility issues, depression


Case : 36 year old assertive strong women came with unexplained back ache. We quickly moved into Chinese medicine diagnosis. She had suffered nightly from vivid nightmares since she was a child due a traumatic event. She was also tired and emotions jumped from high to low with little reason. After 1 treatment the nightmares became sporadic and after 3 treatments they had disappeared. She became more energised. Friends and colleagues started commenting that she looked like she had had cosmetic surgery as her face was different. Her face was softening and all the tension was leaving her body – the backache just disappeared !


Fertility – can’t get pregnant, can’t stay pregnant, morning sickness, birthing

Menstrual – heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, pain, PMS, menopause


Case:  55year shy and quiet woman with very very heavy menstrual bleeding. Mirena did not work so the specialist suggested a hysterectomy – which she did not want to do.  After 2 cycles, bleeding was back to normal and she went and enrolled in a public speaking course !!! She was more confident and even talked with more vigour.


 Insomnia – cant fall asleep, wakes during the night, wakes still tired

 Musculoskeletal – reduce inflammation and assist muscle repair. I can also treat injuries with ACC


Plus many many more. Check out my website or give me a call if you want to discuss anything

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