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Balancing muscle and minerals: Find out how Active Elements can help you

By Jane McClurg 12th October 2017


In our modern life there are many stressors we must manage;  from getting that deadline in on time to what’s for dinner I’ve got nothing left in the fridge!...way more than ever before...in fact it has been said the over 90% of our disease is related to stress. So how do we combat this?

At Balance Massage we believe it’s all about getting back to basics: mind, body and soul. We believe that massage can be an amazing therapy to help attune all three of these things...but of course we are realistic and know it’s not the be all and end all too...and that we all need some assistance in different forms, whether it’s better nutrition, someone to talk to or help with quiet contemplation.

We have seen over the many years of massaging many bodies that a lot of us can do with some nutritional support to get the best out of our massages and life...which is why we have decided to partner with and sell Active Elements minerals.

We’ve all heard about the power of magnesium and how it’s great for sore muscles and sleep; it’s definitely got a great PR team and getting most of the press these days! But what about the other minerals we need; sodium, potassium, calcium, iron plus more...what’s the interplay between these and our optimal health?

Minerals are the structural and biochemical base upon which everything else in your body is built. They can affect many different pathways and therefore deficiencies can show up as many different symptoms; from achy muscles to anxiety to insomnia.

Minerals can’t be created by your body - they can only be obtained from what you eat and drink.

Minerals are often overlooked when it comes to nutritional supplementation and yet they are essential for 1000’s of biochemical functions in the body.

Many health issues stem from mineral element imbalances and these imbalances can occur for a variety of reasons.

  • Daily losses as a result of normal metabolism.
  • Mental and physical stress.
  • Poor or restrictive dietary practices
  • Deficient soils and modern agricultural practices.
  • Food processing, transport and storage.
  • Pharmaceutical medications.

Mineral imbalances do not usually occur overnight. What emerges first, are vague symptoms that are usually ignored or interpreted as insignificant.

Rebalance your minerals and get back on track to wellbeing.

Common ailments mineral balancing may assist with:

  • achy muscle and stiff joints
  • anxiety, mild stress and nervous tension
  • arthritis
  • digestive issues
  • respiratory issues
  • period pain and menopause symptoms
  • headaches

The online assessment questionnaire (click here or found on our website) considers the relationships that exist between calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphate, sulphate, chloride, iron, fluoride and silica, according to the information entered. 
This data is then mathematically modelled to predict the most likely imbalances. The algorithms that drive the computer modelling were developed, tested and refined from decades of clinical observation.

The Active Elements® formulas are a combination of low-dose minerals and homoeopathic minerals. It’s this duel-level mineral platform, combined with a lactose and gluten free base, that Active Elements® believe is important for better health outcomes.

Lisa and I have been taking the Active Elements for a few months and we have both felt a difference.

If you'd like to find out what formulations would suit you; take the online assessment and then Jane will have a chat with you and can order your Active Elements for you...too easy!


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