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Reflexology - so good for your sole

Reflexology, so good for Your Sole.

Posted by Lisa Buchan, 16 January 2017.


For many years I have wanted to learn Reflexology, but I was always too busy, didn’t have the finances available or couldn’t find a suitable course that offered the standard of tuition I wanted. Why the urge to study I can’t tell you specifically but there was always something lurking in the back of mind that attracted me, perhaps from experiencing the deep sense of relaxation and increased feeling of wellbeing after the treatments I have had. So finally last year I did it, and about time too.

Now armed with books and charts to continue my learning I have set off on my journey to discover the wonders of the feet and what I can do for you to achieve exceptional wellbeing.

What’s it all about?

Reflexology is both an art and science which can complement any health care work, has very few contraindications and many therapeutic benefits. Texts, artifacts and illustrations show that foot massage has been practiced since ancient times, later developing into the modern technique called reflexology by Doctors and physiotherapists in the early twentieth century. There are various philosophies on how reflexology works but they all have in common the principles of energy zones running the length of the foot and body that correspond to the whole body including muscles, glands and major organs.

Reflexology is not just a foot massage, certain techniques and skill is required along with much learning (I’m slowly getting the hang of the thumb crawl thing). It is also not a medical treatment or way of diagnosing illness, it is however a powerful yet subtle tool to help your body heal itself.

In the modern world we are super busy with so many things to think about, it’s a time where we live in our heads and disconnect from the rest of our body especially our feet. It is my hope that with massage and reflexology I can help you to reconnect to the rest of your body enabling you to become more grounded, and just get some well deserved chill out time.

Many of you don’t like feet, why I do not know, this could be the perfect way for you to learn a new appreciation for those things way down the other end, with their 33 joints, muscles, huge network of blood vessels all innervated by thousands of nerves.

Do keep in mind that the foot is also just a foot, so you may have a sore spot that doesn’t relate at all to another part of your body, it’s perhaps just a bruise, strained muscle or ligament or a pesky splinter. This is where the combination of my reflexology training and 19 years as a massage therapist comes into play to help find the right path to restore function and good foot health.


What to expect after reflexology

Some people may experience fatigue, an increase in urination/bowel movements, tingling, itchiness, or cramp, it all depends on how many impurities are in your system. All of these reactions are normal and should pass within 24 hours, usually after the first two or three sessions these won’t reoccur. Regular reflexology is great at keeping your system cleared.

On a positive note ideally you will feel deeply relaxed, perhaps a sense of lightness and then of course the overall feeling of wellbeing long term.

I’d love for you to come on this journey with me to get to know your feet, it’s so very relaxing and fun.

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